Show Schedules

First Timers


The First Timer classes are only open to those individuals who have NEVER entered a show previously.

The show is only open to amateurs.

The First Timer Classes are shown below. If entrants have any questions please contact a member of the committee.


Class 1: One Dahlia – any variety

Class 2: Three stems of annuals

Class 3: One pot plant

Class 4: One Rose - any variety

Class 5: A vase of five mixed blooms – any variety

Fruit and Vegetables

Class 6: Three beans – Runner or Dwarf

Class 7: Three tomatoes – any variety

Class 8: Three vegetables – any varieties

Class 9: Three apples – dessert or cooker

Class 10: Any other three fruits



For Class 14, Rhubarb stalks need to be dressed as shown below by cutting the leaves.


Class 11: Three dessert apples

Class 12: Three cooking apples

Class 13: Five plums

Class 14: Three Rhubarb stalks – dressed

Class 15: Twelve Blackberries

Class 16: Any other fruit



For Classes 19, 20 and 23, wash beetroot, carrots and parsnips and defoliate the tubers as shown below for beetroot.

For Class 38, trim the roots from onions and cut the stem and tie the folded stem as shown below.


Class 17: Six runner beans

Class 18: Six dwarf beans

Class 19: Three globe beetroot – defoliated to 3 inches

Class 20: Three carrots – any variety – defoliated to 3 inches

Class 21: One leek – Pot or Blanch

Class 22: One fruit and one vegetable

Class 23: Three parsnips – defoliated to 3 inches

Class 24: Five pods of peas

Class 25: Four potatoes – kidney, round or oval

Class 26: Three courgettes

Class 27: Six eschalots – pickling or culinary

Class 28: Five tomatoes, medium, rounded or plum – 35- 60mm diameter

Class 29: Five tomatoes, small, cherry or plum – maximum 35mm diameter

Class 30: One cabbage

Class 31: One cauliflower

Class 32: One sweetcorn

Class 33: One cucumber

Class 34: Three sweet or chilli peppers

Class 35: The vegetable with the most amusing shape

Class 36: One pumpkin

Class 37: Heaviest onion

Class 38: Three onions - dressed – set or seed

Class 39: One flower and one vegetable

Class 40: Any other vegetable – not in any other class

Class 41: Longest runner bean



For Classes 61 – 66, maximum pot diameter is 10 inches.

For Classes 67 and 68, display boards are provided so only flower heads are needed.

Dahlia varieties are shown below.

Broad and flattened petals making a full double bloom.

Narrow petals from the tip to the base.

Full double bloom with broad and sparsely spaced petals.

Single outer petals with smaller inner ring surrounding the central disc.


Class 42: Sweet Peas – six blooms in one vase

Class 43: Dahlia – one Cactus bloom any size in one vase

Class 44: Dahlia – one Decorative any size in one vase

Class 45: Dahlia – one Lotus, Collarette, Anemone, or Waterlily in one vase

Class 46: Dahlias – three Cactus, any variety, in one vase

Class 47: Dahlias – three Decorative, any variety, in one vase

Class 48: Dahlias – three Water Lily or Collarette in one vase

Class 49: Dahlias – three Pompoms, any variety, in one vase

Class 50: Dahlias – five, any variety, in one vase

Class 51: Rose – one red rose

Class 52: Roses – three Hybrid, Tea, any varieties

Class 53: Rose – one Hybrid Tea rose

Class 54: Roses – three stems of Floribunda or Cluster rose

Class 55: One stem of a Floribunda or Cluster rose

Class 56: Shrubs – four stems of shrubs not specified in other classes

Class 57: Gladioli or Lily – three blooms any large flowered variety

Class 58: Gladioli or lily – one specimen bloom, large flowered

Class 59: Annuals or Biennials – six stems of one species, not in other classes

Class 60: Perennials – four stems, not specified in other classes

Class 61: Begonia – one plant of a double, named or unnamed

Class 62: Geranium/Pelargonium – one plant bush or trailing

Class 63: One pot plant in flower

Class 64: One foliage plant

Class 65: Fuchsia – one plant, bush or trailing

Class 66: One outdoor planted container

Class 67: Five pansies

Class 68: Five flower heads

Floral Art


For Classes 69 – 75, natural plant material must predominate.

For Class 74, maximum exhibit size – Width 24 inches, depth 18 inches and height 26 inches.

For Class 75, children aged 12 and under only. Maximum size – a seed tray measuring 14 inches x 9 inches.


Class 69: Theme for the year – Year of the Dragon

Class 70: A basket of summer flowers

Class 71: A posy in a mug

Class 72: An arrangement for a coffee table

Class 73: A “Gentleman’s Buttonhole”

Class 74: Top Vase – made up of flowers from your garden

Class 75: Miniature Garden (Children Only)



For Classes 76 – 87, the exhibit entered must have been made by the named entrant within the previous twelve months. Entrants name card to be attached out of sight.

For Class 76, the maximum size is A4 mounted.

For Class 87, the maximum exhibit size is 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 24 inches high.

Class 88 is for children of twelve years and under only.


Class 76: A photograph of any subject

Class 77: An item of knitting

Class 78: An item hand crafted from natural materials

Class 79: A home made toy

Class 80: Something new from something old

Class 81: An item of crochet

Class 82: A painting or drawing – any medium

Class 83: A jar of jam

Class 84: An item of soft furnishing

Class 85: A greeting card – any medium

Class 86: An item of embroidery or tapestry

Class 87: Lego model – any subject

Class 88: Decorated 6 Inch Diameter Flower Pot (Children Only)



For Classes 88 – 95, the specified tray or tin size must be used for the exhibit. Where specific ingredients are called for they must be used.

Class 95 is for children of twelve years and under only.

Tins and cake boxes to have the entrants name marked on out of sight.


Class 89: 4 Wholemeal Fruit Scones

Class 90: Traditional Victoria Sponge in a 7 or 8 inch tin

Class 91: Bakewell Tart

Class 92: 4 Slices of Millionaire's Shortbread

Class 93: 4 Muffins using Marmalade

Class 94: 4 White Chocolate Blondies

Class 95: 2 Iced Buns/Cup Cakes decorated (Children Only)

Fun Dog Show


Judges decision is final.
Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
No puppies under 6-months.
No bitches in season.
Dogs on leads at ALL times - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Dogs MUST be picked up after. Bags available, please ask.
No dogs in Coffee on the Green except guide dogs.


1. Best Puppy (6-12 months) @ 1:00pm

2. Waggiest Tail @ 1.15pm

3. Best Child Handler (5-16yrs) @ 1:30pm

4. Prettiest Pooch (Male/Female) @ 1.45pm

5. Golden Oldie (8+ years) @ 2:00pm

6. Best in Show @ 2:30pm